There are 9 weight classes in UFC. Every weight class has a champion and the top ten contenders. However, the champion is also usually the most popular fighter of that division because every champion goes through practically every top fighter in the division before getting a shot at the title. But once you become the champion then with every title defense you build your legacy. And the best way to go about it is by fighting stronger opponents. This is also the only way to earn the respect of the fans who would eventually pay to see their favorite champion win the fight. But Tyron Woodley on the other hand is not only NOT an awesome champion, he is the most annoying champion there ever was. Read on to understand what is it about Tyron Woodley which annoys the fans and the UFC alike.

Where are the finishes ??

I am not his biggest fan but then you rarely find a guy who would say I am Tyron Woodley’s biggest fan. I don’t blame them but the one thing Tyron was most famous for was knocking out his opponents. In fact that is how he got his title from Robbie Lawler. That was the last time he Tyron got a win via stoppage.  He has fought Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson twice already but only came very close to finishing him on both occasions but could never actually get the job done. In his second title defense against Wonderboy his overall fighting style felt more about saving himself from getting hit and only narrowly winning the rounds. The fight was so close that Joe Rogan said on his podcast that he thought Wonderboy won that fight. I saw that fight too and other than Woodley coming close to finishing that fight in the last round but it was Steven Thomson who essentially controlled the pace of the fight for three rounds. Tyron’s third title defense against Demian Maia was also about avoiding being taken down. While Demian Maia did what he was good at which is taking down people Tyron was not doing what everyone thought he was good at. The offensive aspect of Tyron Woodley’s game is gone.

Tyron Woodley’s fighting style ever since he won the belt has been to somehow just be a notch above the challenger.  These are not the qualities which make any fighter marketable but are the ones which make them look desperate as a champion. This is probably because Tyron might have lost confidence in his abilities as a fighter to defend the belt and wants that big payday before he looses the belt.

Choices made as a champion which set you apart as an athlete and individual

Woodley has not fought in more than six months now and has only recently recovered from a shoulder injury. And now that he is back and good to fight, he is making all kinds of noises instead of fighting the next top contender Rafael Dos Anjos. First Woodley went after Bisping last year to book a super fight at middleweight but that idea never took off. Then he called out GSP but GSP never showed any interest in him in the first place. In the Joe Rogan podcast with John Danaher it was revealed that GSP was not really thinking about coming back to welterweight class in the first place. Instead GSP in his return fight after four years chose to fight a much stronger opponent in Michael Bisping , the middleweight champion. Compare that to Tyron Woodley wanting to fight Nate Diaz, the number 8 fighter in lightweight division. In an ideal scenario Nate Diaz doesn’t fair at all as a challenger for the belt in any weight class. He has lost more than a third of his fights and is most famous for submitting a featherweight ( Connor McGregor ) at welterweight. Ironically that is also the only win Nate has at welterweight. Nate Diaz would be a very easy fight for Tyron Woodley. This is such a bad match up skill wise that even if Woodley wins this fight it would mean nothing to anybody in the whole division. Any mma fan would question this and ask why would you fight the number 8 lightweight when there are 8 awesome fighters in your own weight class, calling you out on every possible social media there is. When you are the champion and you make such choices, you lose the respect of the fans.

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