UFC 229 main event between Khabib vs Connor was one of those fights which the fans had been talking about for a very long time.  This fight was everything that the fans hoped for. If there was one thing missing, it was a full on brawl between the Russian and the Irish camps. Connor has always been extremely unapologetic about his theatrics but on October 6 it was payback time. Khabib did everything he said he would do to Connor and made him tap in the fourth round. The magic left hand of Connor was just not there. Khabib on the other hand landed a beautiful overhand right to knock Connor down in the second. Any other fighter and we might have seen a knock out but respect to Connor for eating it. Khabib’s camp later revealed that the game plan was to exhaust Connor in the first three rounds and then eventually knock him out in the championship rounds.

What’s next for Connor McGregor after UFC 229 

DanaWhite told the press that Connor called him already asking for an immediate rematch. The post fight brawl at UFC 229 makes it easy to sell the rematch but many believe that after such a dominant victory there is no need for one. But Connor usually gets what he wants even though there is Tony Ferguson who is on a 11 fight win streak, UFC might just go with Connor on this. Dana White also revealed that Connor had signed a new 6 fight contract with the UFC.

The fights to make

If Connor wins his opponents do not get a rematch but if he loses then uncle Dana arranges for an immediate rematch. Aldo, Eddy, Chad are just the top names there. However we all know what happened when Nate chocked Connor out in round two. So given Connor’s personality I don’t think he should go back to the pool of contenders in the 155 pound division. Connor should be doing the biggest fights only. Lets look at some of the best rematches which can be made with Connor for the remaining five fights in his contract.

Connor vs Aldo 2 – the first fight for the 145 pound belt catapulted Connor to one of the biggest names in MMA. But it had a devastating effect on Aldo who ruled that division for more than 10 years. Recently after UFC 229 Jose came out of the shadows again and asked for a rematch with Connor. If this fight happens, it could break the previous ppv record set by Connor vs Khabib at 2.4 million buys.

Connor vs Max Holloway 2 – the current featherweight champion is on a 11 fight win streak. The last time Max lost inside the octagon was in August 2013 to Connor McGregor by decision. But that time was different as both were fairly new to the UFC. Both Max and Connor have remained unbeaten at 145 pounds ever since. The first fight was a strikers’ delight and the same can be expected of the rematch.

Connor vs Eddy 2 – The first time these two met was at UFC 205 and Connor knocked out Eddy Alwarez to become a two division champion. That was the biggest fight in the history of UFC with close to 2 million PPVs. Now Eddy has moved to One championship in Asia. Who knows if Eddy wins the 155 belt there, he could be brought back to the UFC for a final grudge match before he calls quits over his MMA career.

Connor vs Nate 3 – This fight is an absolute fan favourite. In fact many believed that Connor would first fight Nate at 155 pounds after his comeback. But UFC was more interested in Connor vs Khabib than this one. Their second clash in 2016 was also the last time Nate fought inside the octagon. Both these fighters are anyways looking for an opponent. Nate vs Dustin could not take place after Dustin pulled out due to an injury and Connor is willing to fight anyone in line if he cannot get an immediate rematch with Khabib. This fight is a win win for everyone as both UFC and the MMA community is looking forward to the decider of this epic trilogy.

Connor vs Khabib 2 in Dublin or Moscow – Everything is already in place for this rematch. The perfect rivalry and the story behind it. Their first meeting set a new PPV record with more than 2.4 million buys. The rematch is expected to be bigger than that. This is perfect last fight for Connor to have before he decides to call it quits or renew his contract with the UFC.